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  1. LSPosed LSPosed Public archive

    LSPosed Framework

    Java 15.6k 2.3k

  2. LSPatch LSPatch Public archive

    LSPatch: A non-root Xposed framework extending from LSPosed

    Java 5.8k 580

  3. LSPlant LSPlant Public

    A hook framework for Android Runtime (ART)

    C++ 689 165

  4. AndroidHiddenApiBypass AndroidHiddenApiBypass Public

    LSPass: Bypass restrictions on non-SDK interfaces

    Java 1.4k 255

  5. MagiskOnWSALocal MagiskOnWSALocal Public

    Integrate Magisk root and Google Apps into WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android)

    Shell 9k 22.2k

  6. DexBuilder DexBuilder Public

    Generate dex file by c++

    C++ 118 47


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