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A New Smarter Lively

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@rocksdanister rocksdanister released this 28 Jun 07:35
· 4 commits to core-separation since this release

Lively just got smarter with AI.. introducing first of many to come AI feature "Depth Wallpapers"

See the new feature in action:

What's changed in Lively v2.0.7.0

AI Depth Wallpapers

  • Using Machine Learning to predict distance of objects from the camera and then use GPU shaders to create 3D image!
  • When it comes to privacy, everything is run 100% local. No network required to run the model, no data sent to the cloud.
  • In my testing works best with scenery, dont be afraid to try different things out and share with the community what you find. You can get some stock images to try here:

New Wallpapers


  • Updated ColorPicker control, packed with new features.
  • Tray customize menu now takes display scaling into account.
  • Refactoring and improvements should yield better performance and consistency.



  • Fixed wallpaper FileDialog not opening when the program is Run as administrator.
  • Fixed media not changing in music wallpapers when the new track is from the same artist.
  • Fixed scaling settings not working with Windows Media Foundation (wmf) player.


  • Updated translations.
  • The new features may not be translated to all the languages on first release due to the nature of community translations, hope you understand.
    You can help translating, learn more:


  • Updated Mpv player.
  • Updated dependencies.
  • Updated .NET Desktop Runtime v7.0.7
  • Updated WindowsAppSDK v1.3.2

Known issues

  • Incompatibility with MSI Afterburner RivaTuner Statistics Server, HW64 or other overlay; add exception for Lively UI.