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Codecov GitHub Action

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Easily upload coverage reports to Codecov from GitHub Actions

v4 Release

v4 of the Codecov GitHub Action will use the Codecov CLI to upload coverage reports to Codecov.

Breaking Changes

  • Tokenless uploading is unsupported. However, PRs made from forks to the upstream public repos will support tokenless (e.g. contributors to OS projects do not need the upstream repo's Codecov token). For details, see our docs
  • Various arguments to the Action have been removed


  • For repositories using Dependabot, users will need to ensure that it has access to the Codecov token for PRs from Dependabot to upload coverage. To do this, please add your CODECOV_TOKEN as a Dependabot Secret. For more information, see "Configuring access to private registries for Dependabot."

v3 versions and below will not have access to CLI features (e.g. global upload token, ATS).


To integrate Codecov with your Actions pipeline, specify the name of this repository with a tag number (@v4 is recommended) as a step within your workflow.yml file.

This Action also requires you to provide an upload token from (tip: in order to avoid exposing your token, store it as a secret).

Currently, the Action will identify linux, macos, and windows runners. However, the Action may misidentify other architectures. The OS can be specified as

  • alpine
  • alpine-arm64
  • linux
  • linux-arm64
  • macos
  • windows

Inside your .github/workflows/workflow.yml file:

- uses: actions/checkout@main
- uses: codecov/codecov-action@v4
    fail_ci_if_error: true # optional (default = false)
    files: ./coverage1.xml,./coverage2.xml # optional
    flags: unittests # optional
    name: codecov-umbrella # optional
    token: ${{ secrets.CODECOV_TOKEN }} # required
    verbose: true # optional (default = false)

The Codecov token can also be passed in via environment variables:

- uses: actions/checkout@main
- uses: codecov/codecov-action@v4
    fail_ci_if_error: true # optional (default = false)
    files: ./coverage1.xml,./coverage2.xml # optional
    flags: unittests # optional
    name: codecov-umbrella # optional
    verbose: true # optional (default = false)


This assumes that you've set your Codecov token inside Settings > Secrets as CODECOV_TOKEN. If not, you can get an upload token for your specific repo on Keep in mind that secrets are not available to forks of repositories.

Using OIDC

For users with OpenID Connect(OIDC) enabled, the Codecov token is not necessary. You can use OIDC with the use_oidc argument as following.

- uses: codecov/codecov-action@v4
    use_oidc: true

Any token supplied will be ignored, as Codecov will default to the OIDC token for verification.


Codecov's Action supports inputs from the user. These inputs, along with their descriptions and usage contexts, are listed in the table below:

Input Description Required
token Repository Codecov token. Used to authorize report uploads *Required
codecov_yml_path Specify the path to the Codecov YML Optional
commit_parent Override to specify the parent commit SHA Optional
directory Directory to search for coverage reports. Optional
disable_search Disable search for coverage files. This is helpful when specifying what files you want to upload with the --file option. Optional
disable_file_fixes Disable file fixes to ignore common lines from coverage (e.g. blank lines or empty brackets) Optional
dry_run Don't upload files to Codecov Optional
env_vars Environment variables to tag the upload with (e.g. PYTHON | OS,PYTHON) Optional
exclude Folders to exclude from search Optional
fail_ci_if_error Specify whether or not CI build should fail if Codecov runs into an error during upload Optional
file Path to coverage file to upload Optional
files Comma-separated list of files to upload Optional
flags Flag upload to group coverage metrics (e.g. unittests | integration | ui,chrome) Optional
handle_no_reports_found Raise no exceptions when no coverage reports found Optional
job_code The job code Optional
name User defined upload name. Visible in Codecov UI Optional
os Override the assumed OS. Options are linux | macos | windows | . Optional
override_branch Specify the branch name Optional
override_build Specify the build number Optional
override_build_url The URL of the build where this is running Optional
override_commit Specify the commit SHA Optional
override_pr Specify the pull request number Optional
plugin plugins to run. Options: xcode, gcov, pycoverage. The default behavior runs them all. Optional
plugins Comma-separated list of plugins for use during upload. Optional
report_code The code of the report. If unsure, do not include Optional
root_dir Used to specify the location of your .git root to identify project root directory Optional
slug Specify the slug manually (Enterprise use) Optional
url Specify the base url to upload (Enterprise use) Optional
use_legacy_upload_endpoint Use the legacy upload endpoint Optional
use_oidc Use OpenID Connect for verification instead of token. This will ignore any token supplied. Please see GitHub documentation for details.
verbose Specify whether the Codecov output should be verbose Optional
version Specify which version of the Codecov CLI should be used. Defaults to latest Optional
working-directory Directory in which to execute Optional

Example workflow.yml with Codecov Action

name: Example workflow for Codecov
on: [push]
    runs-on: ${{ matrix.os }}
        os: [ubuntu-latest, macos-latest, windows-latest]
      OS: ${{ matrix.os }}
      PYTHON: '3.10'
    - uses: actions/checkout@main
    - name: Setup Python
      uses: actions/setup-python@main
        python-version: 3.10
    - name: Generate coverage report
      run: |
        pip install pytest
        pip install pytest-cov
        pytest --cov=./ --cov-report=xml
    - name: Upload coverage to Codecov
      uses: codecov/codecov-action@v4
        directory: ./coverage/reports/
        env_vars: OS,PYTHON
        fail_ci_if_error: true
        files: ./coverage1.xml,./coverage2.xml,!./cache
        flags: unittests
        name: codecov-umbrella
        token: ${{ secrets.CODECOV_TOKEN }}
        verbose: true


Contributions are welcome! Check out the Contribution Guide.


The code in this project is released under the MIT License.

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